After Sessions

These session are geared towards the wildly in love, adventurous souls who love loving up on each other and want to relive their beautiful day in an epic location. Unlike an engagement session, you dress up in your wedding attire once again, and you head out for a photo session sometime after the wedding. It can be the next day (most times not, sleep in! Be newlyweds!), the next week, the next month, that part is completely up to you. The point is, you put on that wedding dress and suit again.

Every wedding will be different, and your thoughts and ideas for your day are really what matter most. But from all the weddings I’ve photographed, and all the brides and grooms I’ve spoken to about their weddings, most agree that having an After Session was one of the best decisions, they made regarding their wedding photography.

Without the pressures of deadlines, you will be so much more relaxed during the photo session, and that will totally reflect in your photos. You can make this session and this time together about the two of you without the guilt of thinking about what everyone else is doing on your wedding day and also in a location that means the most to you and not because it was close to the venue and worked into the timeline.

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