Cliffside Proposal

Sitting at my desk at work and my phone starts vibrating, I silence it. It starts again, I look just in case their was an emergency. No, emergency just my cousin Myles needing to get in touch with me. I knew, I knew exactly what I was about to hear. Carlyle, I have a plan and I need to know if you're in. He had a crazy romantic idea with no exact plans to execute it. That's when I took my role as photographer cousin and proposal planner. I drove back to the lake I grew up on early one Friday to scope out the location (it took a car ride, a boat ride and my dad and brothers' help to figure out exactly where he was talking about). I had to knock on a strangers door and convince a husband and wife that they needed to let two crazy in love strangers and one stealthy photographer on their property to "jump off" their cliff (exactly like they did three years ago on their first date). Yes, I had to admit that my rebellious cousin and his now fiance trespassed on his land before, and they want to do it again. Let's just say that didn't go over well. But with a little persuasion the plan was set. It was the most exciting moment as a photographer I've had yet. To be apart of something so life changing and pure as this, was incredible and for it to be family that made it even better. I am still living on a high from this day. These pictures are worth all the words you could ever muster up. They're everything, take a look for yourself, you'll understand.